Asgard MU S17 X150 | OPEN 03.06

Asgard MuOnline Season 17 Part2 X150 3.June

Asgard MuOnline Season 17 Part2 X150

Server Opening 3.June! The server is based on low experience rate, a lot of useful customs that makes game more easy and enjoyable!


[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

Version Season 17 P1-2
Gaming style: Hunt/Level/PVP
Exp Regular/Master/Majestic 150x
Drop 75%
Reset: 400LvL command /reset, costs 1kk zen*reset, GP rewards, Stats stays!
Maximum resets 100!
Grand Reset: From 100Resets, Reward 10'000Wcoins, 100000Ruud
Wcoins: Win Ice Wind Walley and Castle Siege, Grand Reset
Big Goblin Points shop: Hunt mini bosses, participate in events to get Exp seals, Buffs, Pets, Jewels

Old X5000 Players can reuse theyr donation PlayPoints on new X150 server, secure donations in longterm guaranteed! (X5000 donations refunded to X150)

Xshop sells items for Wcoins and Goblin Points, those items can be acquired just by playing the game (resets- GP, grand resets-Wcoins). Goblin points can be farmed ingame by doing events, hunting small/big bosses. Goblin Points shop sells various items Exp Buffs, 1lvl, 2lvl, 3lvl wings, Pentas, Jewels, Crafting materials
Elite Bosses, Top Wepons and Exc sets
Startergift: Lucky set lvl1 (+15 item level) small wings, weapon +Exc DMG

Custom reset system with 6 levels with special icons ingame!
0-5 Resets: 150Exp Regular/150xMl/150xMajestic: Icon name: LVL1 Each reset: 20GP
6-20 Resets: 100Exp Regular/150xMl/150xMajestic Icon name: LVL2 Each reset: 30GP
21-30 Resets: 75Exp Regular/150xMl/150xMajestic Icon name: LVL3 Each reset: 40GP
31-50 Resets: 50Exp Regular/150xMl/150xMajestic Icon name: LVL4 Each reset: 50GP
51-80 Resets: 25Exp Regular/150xMl/150xMajestic Icon name: LVL5 Each reset: 60GP
81-100 Resets: 5Exp Regular/150xMl/150xMajestic Icon name: LVL6 Each reset: 100GP

Play to Win Gameplay, get resets to get more buffs

0-5 Resets: 150Exp LVL1 Each reset: 20GP, No extra DMG/DEF/HP
6-20 Resets: 100Exp LVL2 Each reset: 30GP, Extra 5%DMG/DEF/HP
21-30 Resets: 75Exp LVL3 Each reset: 40GP, Extra 15%DMG/DEF/HP
31-50 Resets: 50Exp LVL4 Each reset: 50GP, Extra 25%DMG/DEF/HP
51-80 Resets: 25Exp LVL5 Each reset: 60GP, Extra 35%DMG/DEF/HP
81-100 Res: 5Exp LVL6 Each reset: 100GP, Extra 50%DMG/DEF/HP