[Exodis Different World] PVP - 8.6 NEW GAME-PLAY

Hello everybody,
for the last 5 months we have been working to make Exodis Server completly different!
We have changed most important things in game-play to make the server harder to level up, harder to make quests, but to keep it semi-easy in general, everything on Exodis got it’s own formula, even the melee damage isn’t standard. While playing Exodis you’re gotta feel excited like 15 years ago on RL, but in 8.6 version. Everything should give you feeling like “WOW! this server is so enjoyable!” - as most players on Test Server agreed on that.

Exodis different world - starts 28.05 at 18:00 CEST

Account Registration will be open from 23.05

IP: exodis.eu
Client: 8.6 Exodis Client
Uptime: 24/7
Hosted in: Germany
Website: http://exodis.eu
Exp rate: stages
Skills for knight: 4x
Skills for paladin: 3x
Magic: 2x
Map: Custom. It contains 5 cities
Server type: PVP

Let’ start!

Most important thing to avoid people losing money at start is…
Every vocation got his own type of potions

Did you know how important is Armor and Shielding skill on Exodis ?
Training Weapons has been introduced into game as an extra “quick skilling”
you can use them on dummys that you’ll find in all cities on Exodis
Every vocation can use every weapon, like knight can also train magic lvl with the wand!

Accessible for limited time!
Normal Account : 4hour / daily
Gold Account : 6hour / daily

Empower System
Collecting Exodis Coins let you empower your character as “bonus”


You can collect fragrant essences from various flowers in our world.

Daily Lottery
Everyday there is a lottery man under Reston Depot

Loot System
You have to chance to loot different types of each item!

Party Shared Experience
Whats the bonus?

|2 members|bonus: 15%|
|3 members|bonus: 30%|
|4 members|bonus: 45%|
|5+ members|bonus: 60%|

More about in Server Info here

At general, after tests, everything is balanced to perfection .
You have to Download our client from download section at website!