GodMu Season 17 otwarcie 13.11

GODMU is a Low Experience Server [X50]
With the New Season17 Server with Lemuria & Kundun Mephis
Farm Coins with Resets, GR and Ruuds in all Invasions, Events, BOSS.
We are a Play2win server, join us!

Website https://godmu.net/

Server Info:
Version: Season 17
Experience: X50
Reset Limit: 10
Grand Reset Limit: 5
Reset Reward: 25 Credits (Click Here!)
Grand Reset Reward: 1.000 to 2.500 Credits (Click Here!)


  • Play2Win CashShop (We dont sell PentaShop)
  • Farm Ruud & Coins via Invasions, Quests, BOSS, Events
  • New ANTILAG System that makes game faster


  • New Class: Lemuria & Kundun Mephis
  • MG Renewall: New Skills, New Weapon TwoHand
  • Ryan Mount (Lion Blue & Gold)
  • Mastery Penta & Ertell
  • 4th Earring Evolution (Blood)


  • Vote Reward System
  • Receive Ruud Playing
  • Receive Coins Playing
  • Play2win GameStyle (We Dont Sell Items!)