KnightMu x1000 - Season 18 - 19 October


Server VersionFull Season 18


Master Experience1000x

Majestic Experience1000x


Max Level400

Max Master Level1050

Max Stats32000

Max Connections per Computer5

Offtrade CurrencyWCoins

Chaos Machine Rates

Item Lvl +10 Mix75% (Luck +25%)

Item Lvl +11 Mix75% (Luck +25%)

Item Lvl +12 Mix65% (Luck +25%)

Item Lvl +13 Mix65% (Luck +25%)

Item Lvl +14 Mix55% (Luck +25%)

Item Lvl +15 Mix55% (Luck +25%)

Wings Lvl 1 Rate100%

Wings Lvl 2 Rate90%

Wings Lvl 2.5 Rate80%

Wings Lvl 3 Rate70%

Wings Lvl 4 Rate60%

Cape of Lord Rate90%

Socket Weapon Mix70%

Fragment of Horn Mix90%

Broken Horn Mix70%

Horn of Fenrir Mix50%

Feather of Condor60%

Jewel Success Rates

Bless Success Rate100%

Soul Success Rate60% (+25% with Luck)

Life Success Rate80%

Harmony Success Rate70%