Reborn Mu Season 17 x200 open 03.07

★RebornMU Grand Opening Race to 100 Resets★

Date: July 3, 2020 @ 12pm (GMT+8)
How to Join?

Log-in to the game as soon as you can and reach
the ff. Levels below before anyone else!

First Players who will reach the ff. Levels will receive
Real Cash Prizes accordingly.

First Prize: P10,000/$200
Second Prize: P5,000/$100
Third Prize: P3,000/$55

We will also choose randomly via raffle draw to the ff. ranks below

Top 4-20:
6 winners of P1,000/$20

Top 21-50:
12 winners of P500/$10

Important Notes:

- Claiming Prizes has IP Restriction, means you cannot claim the same Level Prize with the same IP Address

- Rewards will be claimable few days after the event, to give us time to track the winner’s legitimacy


Server Version: Season 17
Server Gameplay: PVE/PVP | Points | Boss Hunt
Server Language: English

Character Classes:
Dark Knight
Dark Wizzard
Dark Lord
Rage Fighter
Rune Wizard
Kundun Menphis

Normal EXP [Lv 1 ~ 400]: 200x to 100x
Master EXP [Lv 401 ~ 800]: 150x to 100x
Majestic EXP [Lv 801 ~ 1400]: 100x to 75x
Server Drop: 60%
Personal Store Fee: 0%
Max points per ability: 60k

Max Game Windows in the same time: 5
Offlevel Limit: 12h
VIP Offlevel Limit: 24h
Higher Curency: WCoin
NON PVP Maps: Aida, Karutan and Arena
PK Clear Cost: 2kk
Drop of item PK: 10% (only itemes +7<)

Reset Active
Required Resets for full Status 120 resets
Required Resets for Grand Reset 100 resets

Official Website: —