WarMu x500 - Season 18 OPEN 25.11

About Server




VersionPC Season 18E1

Dynamic Experience500x

Item DropVIP+30%


Online Players18

Server Load18%

Max Level +ML1,450

Stats per Level1

Max Stats32,767

Max Connections per Computer2

Ingame Commandshere

Reset settings

Reset TypeOnline in Game

Reset Command/reset

Reset Level400

Reset Cost1,000,000 zen * reset

Level after Reset1

Keeps Stats and free Stats✔

Keeps all Inventory and Store✔

Keeps all Muuns and Wares✔

Keeps Event Inventory✔

Keeps Helper settings✔

Keeps Marriage and Friends✔

Reward Coins+20 WC, +100 GP, +500 Ruud

Reward ItemsCondor Flame, Condor Feather, Sealed Stone Shard, Awakening, Garuda’s Flame, Ancestral Spirit, Ghost Horse, Blue Eye Anvil, Brilliant Soul, Ice Dragon Rare, Manticore Anvil, Wings of Power +15 …

Min Reset for GR200 ~ 1000

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